Implementation Of The Parking System Function And Analysis Of The Prospects For The Use Of Automated Parking

Implementation Of The Parking System Function And Analysis Of The Prospects For The Use Of Automated Parking

Mar 25th, 2021

The system of charging for parking is born out of paying for public parking. The intelligent parking system mainly solves the problems of traditional manual parking management, charging, such as complicated charging process, low traffic efficiency and lost tickets. With the advancement of technology, many new types of parking management systems have emerged. Due to some functional characteristics of the parking management system, parking is becoming more and more intelligent.

With the development of the parking industry in recent years, the market for parking payment systems has matured, among which: charging means, vehicle identification control system, etc. The parking payment system has gone through several stages, such as magnetic card, paper magnetic card, barcode and contactless charging media. Each stage continually upgrades the parking system, further improving the efficiency and accuracy of the parking system.
The car park charging system mainly consists of a vehicle detector, gate and ticket counter. Currently, there are many types of vehicle detectors, such as ultrasonic detector, infrared detector, radar detector, etc. By detecting vehicles at the entrance and exit from the parking lot, the function of automatic lever lifting of the gate is realized.

Despite the fact that the gate plays the role of only one car and one transmission in the parking system, we must pay attention to the shockproof characteristics of the gate, the stability of movement, and the variety of gate control modes. In the case of electric power failure, the gate can be manually raise the pole. A ticket counter, also known as a controller, can automatically issue and swipe cards. It supports many types of cards. Thus, the ticket office is also the most important part of the parking system.

Although the smart parking systems in China were launched relatively late, but thanks to constant efforts, nowadays, many equipments have surpassed the level of foreign countries, such as parking guidance system, license plate recognition system, reverse car search and so on. Therefore, the Chinese parking fee system should use its advantages to promote the rapid development of the entire industry.



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